Ornit Bassan - Chronology


April 29, 1962
Ornit Bassan was born in Port Harcourt, Nigeria

Ornit Bassan obtained a Bachelor of Architecture degree at Pratt Institute
Finished with Highest Honors

Ornit Bassan was project manager and in charge of the Interior Design Department at Yacov Rechter's architectural firm
Selected projects:
The "Joint" headquarters, Jerusalem
"Life Sciences Library", Weitzman Institute, Rehovot
The "Golda Performing Arts Center", Tel-Aviv

1993 – present
Ornit Bassan's private practice in several fields:"
"Glickman Center" for the Prevention of Family Violence, Tel-Aviv
The "Yaron Jerushalmy" Auditorium, Neve Tzedek, Tel-Aviv
Ministry of Social Affairs, Teenage Investigation Department, Jaffa
"Marganit Country Club" changing rooms, Ramat Gan

Commercial and Industry
"Futon House" chain, Hertzliya and Netanya branches
"Pozin Center" Mall and Offices, Ahuza st. Raanana
"Explosives Industries" Dining Hall, Hadera
"Altman Natural Pharmaceuticals", Laboratories and Head Offices, Holon
"The French Kiss", Bakery and Shop, Jaffa
"Optic Doron" Flagship Store and Labs, Ramat Aviv Mall, Tel- Aviv (proposed)

Dr. Rappaport Eye Clinic, Tel- Aviv
"Medicoffice"  Expert Clinic, Tel- Aviv
Diamond Dealers Offices, Ramat- Gan
Sassi Gez Law offices, Tel- Aviv
Carmel Law offices, Tel- Aviv
"Gahelet" Insurance offices, Tel-Aviv
Beauty Centers and Gyms
"Studio C" Calisthenics chain, 17 branches throughout the country
"Natalie Babayof" cosmetic and lazer center

Coffee shops and Restaurants
"George" Coffee Shop, Tel- Aviv
"Yehuda Levi Sandwich Bar", Tel- Aviv
"Abu Nassar" and "The French Kiss" restaurants

Appartment Building Foyers and Entrances, Ramat- Aviv, Ramat Hasharon, Zahala
Sample Apartment, Marom Nave, Ramat- Gan
Private Houses and Residences: Bertini, Caspi, Rockman, Kahan, Landau, Eldor, Sofrin,
                                                     Ovadia, Damari, Peleg, Dangur, Offir, Lapin and more
Duplexes and Penthouses: Peri, Gez, Carmel and Ozeri

Tel- Aviv Hilton Business Lounge, 12th Floor
"Lev Yeushalaim" Suites, Jerusalem
"Sheraton Plaza" Pollack Suite, Jerusalem

Ornit Bassan is fluent in Hebrew, English and French